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Setting up MacBook for Python Development

It takes quite a bit to get my machine from zero to the point it needs to be to be ready for development. I typically have quite a few bits and pieces I like to have to make dev a cozy and inviting environment. This is the list so far: Terminal – to get a…

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Working with axes and subplots in Matplotlib

So, I decided to start to writing down some notes as I go along in my journey to get to Deep Learning. There’s quite a bit to learn I realize if you want to speak the language of the experienced. You’ll realize that Matplotlib is used heavily for showing graphs and so on. I’ve seen…

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Which chart library is best for Django?

I have a project that I’m working on and I want to integrate a chart library to add some color to the data I’m presenting. It’s a budget based app. In the app I’m using charts to show expenses vs income, how much you’ve spent on different categories and various budget visualizations. I had a…

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Deploying with Fabric and Chef Solo (Part 1)

Fabric is a widely used library for SSH’ing into remote servers. It’s one of those libraries that really respect the zen of Python and makes for beautiful and seamless remote operations. Chef, now is well respected in the world of DevOps for being thee tool used for deployments and setting up of servers. At work…

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