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5 tips for serious Django apps

So if you’re working on a Django app that you plan to ever move to production, there are several things that you should take into consideration. Far too often optimization is an after-thought that gets built in eventually. Here a few simple tips that can be built in without too much work and can really increase…

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Getting RabbitMQ 2.7.x to work with Flower

Took a little bit of reading on Stack Overflow and other places to figure out exactly how to get Flower working with RabbitMQ 2.7. For those of you who have shared my frustration, previously, I kept getting the message:

This was particularly annoying because I already stumbled across a SO post that told me how…

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A startup script for Byobu

Byobu, is an excellent tool when you have to SSH into a virtual machine that you use regularly for development. Every morning I come in, I do a vagrant up on the project I’m going to be working on for the day. After that I usually have to go about setting up different terminals for my…

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Writing a Django reusable library

The tutorial here was quite good at telling how to package your project when you’re done with it and ready to deploy it, but I left wondering, what if I want to just code my project reusable from the get go and keep it versioned just like all the other big names, and indeed Django itself. What’s…

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Faith’s in your genes

I think the story of Abraham teaches us alot about faith. In Genesis 12, the Lord promises Abram “I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing;”, the Lord promised also to bless who blessed Abram and curse those who…

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Letter of Resignation

This outfit, too closely resembles that of a retired, veteran of love… I’ve come to admit, it’s not mine to wear Seems I’ve rested too ambitiously on this journey of growth; delegating all responsibility and resting even blame within your care I’ve treated growth like a trophy resting on my shelf; just another one of…

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Tolerance; A catalyst for self

I’ve come to understand and acknowledge that many times our perception of the role of tolerance, understanding and other self impacting humility traits is majorly skewed. I call them “self impacting” because many times it captures the scope of impact that such traits have and more importantly, the scope that we should all view it…

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E for Effort

There are certain concepts I think by their very nature are conceptually paradoxical, well at least slightly. For some of these such concepts I believe there is a deeper meaning perhaps that we need to consider. For instance… What is a talent? I’m sure we can all agree that it’s an ability we have, given…

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Compatibility and Compromise

What price will you pay for compatibility in your relationship? How much of your personality will you wager in your strive to cement this adhesive that’ll hold your relationship together. Of course it’s a given that often times incompatibility is a disease that rears its’ ugly head in most relationships (since there are relationships and…

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The discipline of trial – Ministry of Healing

The following is an excerpt from the Ministry of Healing… VERY inspirational read. Trust me. This one encouraged me greatly. Hope it’ll bless you too. You can see the full chapter here. I encourage you… read it through thoroughly. The Discipline of Trial To live such a life, to exert such an influence, costs…

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