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ngrok: An easy way to expose a local server

In development, the need often arises to employ a publicly accessible URL so an external service can see to your local server, or maybe you need to show a client something. In the older days many people would pull for tools like DynDNS or something similar to allow accessing of local services on a machine…

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Building Sphinx docs with watchdog under Docker or Vagrant

The watchdog  library is a cool library that allows you to watch for changes then execute some command. This doesn’t work at all out of the box when you try running the command on a Docker or Vagrant box, because by default the observer that watchdog uses doesn’t look for changes that are made outside…

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Compatibility and Compromise

What price will you pay for compatibility in your relationship? How much of your personality will you wager in your strive to cement this adhesive that’ll hold your relationship together. Of course it’s a given that often times incompatibility is a disease that rears its’ ugly head in most relationships (since there are relationships and…

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