Perspective Unspoken

My perspective on Git, Docker, Python, Django, PHP and other stuff

Letter of Resignation

This outfit, too closely resembles that of a retired, veteran of love… I’ve come to admit, it’s not mine to wear Seems I’ve rested too ambitiously on this journey of growth; delegating all responsibility and resting even blame within your care I’ve treated growth like a trophy resting on my shelf; just another one of…

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Not the word

Beautiful is not the word to encompass her captivating personality Unique was not a satisfactorily sufficient word to define her infinite talent and endless abilities Intriguing was not the word, nor was it the answer to my unsolved perpetual interest in her Disarming was not the word to describe the effect of her sincerest smile…

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The Hopeless Romantic

What to do when deep loving hurts and “not loving” makes the heart grow fonder? What to do when circumstance punishes with distance but hearts connect as two reminisce and minds wonder What to do when a touch is desired, a kiss is needed… bodies call but even a suggestive stare is a serious blunder…

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Passion Synonimized

Words exhibit traits of polymorphism so often… unfortunately, so too do our own interpretations Ask of love… ask of affection; a fora of incoherence responds with different opinions Emotion, character and life itself inspires our perspective and cements our positions The absence of commonality emerges… disparity dominates as we lend ears to the different assertions…

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