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Tolerance; A catalyst for self

I’ve come to understand and acknowledge that many times our perception of the role of tolerance, understanding and other self impacting humility traits is majorly skewed. I call them “self impacting” because many times it captures the scope of impact that such traits have and more importantly, the scope that we should all view it…

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Compatibility and Compromise

What price will you pay for compatibility in your relationship? How much of your personality will you wager in your strive to cement this adhesive that’ll hold your relationship together. Of course it’s a given that often times incompatibility is a disease that rears its’ ugly head in most relationships (since there are relationships and…

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Background; a shackle … wield it wisely

A little introspection is most times all we need to truly understand the profound impact that friendships and associations have on us. A favourite phrase of mine is “Character ought to be a controlled model of dynamism”, which is probably a fancy recital of Prov 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is…

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