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Getting your Sphinx docs into Dash Docs

So the weirdest thing happened today, I just got motivation to write more docs. I usually do a split screen with Sublime Text and Dash, and it has helped me stay in the zone much more often. I do the majority of my searches in Dash instead of switching tabs and bringing up the browser. I came across this package that allows you to get your own documentation into Dash. It’s just too simple really.

Here are the steps.

So, these instructions assume you’re already setup with Sphinx. You need to install the doc2dash package. They recommend installing this inside a virtual env.

Once doc2dash is installed, you just need to build your docs. Then run the doc2dash command.

The -n  allows you to give your docset a name. -A  automatically installs your docset into Dash (if you’re on Mac). And that’s it!

jaywhy13 • January 9, 2018

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