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Work faster from the command line with Docker and Django

If you’re anything like me, speed is important to you. If speed is important then you need to keep your keystrokes to a minimum. We define functions anytime we realize there’s a bit of code that’s potentially reusable. Well… we should do the same working from the command line.

While working with Docker and Django, there are a few commands that we need to run quite regularly.

Well, those are quite a few words to type out each time we need to run them. What I do is to put some aliases in my bash/zsh script so that I can eliminate typing all of that stuff every time. Here’s what I’ve got configured.

This is good for Bash or ZSH, the syntax works in both.

This was a quick one but I hope it helps someone else reduce their key strokes.

Share it with someone you think needs to speed up!

jaywhy13 • October 23, 2016

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