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Caching user content separately from general content in Django

I saw an amazing talk at Django Con by Nate Pinchot and had to write a follow up article about it. In his talk, Nate describes a two pass cache approach to caching that allows us to cache content for a specific user and content for all users independently. It’s amazing, awesome and ingenious! Let…

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How to know when to hard code

Hard coding has always been a bit of a bad word for me. Hard coding for the uninitiated means…. “Coding in such a way that you have to edit the code to get different behaviour” I’ve always loved dynamic solutions. Hard coding almost always feels like it’s the wrong answer… I can always hear that…

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ngrok: An easy way to expose a local server

In development, the need often arises to employ a publicly accessible URL so an external service can see to your local server, or maybe you need to show a client something. In the older days many people would pull for tools like DynDNS or something similar to allow accessing of local services on a machine…

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