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Deploying with Fabric and Chef Solo (Part 1)

Fabric is a widely used library for SSH’ing into remote servers. It’s one of those libraries that really respect the zen of Python and makes for beautiful and seamless remote operations. Chef, now is well respected in the world of DevOps for being thee tool used for deployments and setting up of servers. At work…

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Using Munin to graph stats from Django

What’s Munin? Munin is a great tool for graphing any kind of statistics for your projects. The awesome thing about Munin is that the format it required is pretty straight forward. All we have to do to provide data for Munin is point it to a script that prints out data in a simple format….

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2 Python features I wish I knew from the get go

As developers we’re always learning and improving. New API’s come out, new versions of libraries come out, and we’re forever stuck expanding our minds, shifting paradigms and adopting new approaches. Ever so often though, we’ll find that we’re using a tool, as a daily driver even and we discover there are some features we just…

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