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600+ free icons for your webdesign projects

Icons are so essential in web design. A great choice of icon can be a perfect substitute for a longer, written line of text. Free high quality icons are sometimes pretty hard to come by. Here’s a pack of completely free icons for use in your own web design projects.   274 Free Icons This…

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Avoiding port collision running several Vagrant machines

Well, I’m not sure why this setting wasn’t the default but Vagrant actually allows you to tell it to find another port if the one it wants to forward is being used. It’s also dead simple and works like a charm. I only wish I could configure where it starts looking for ports. Just add…

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5 tips for serious Django apps

So if you’re working on a Django app that you plan to ever move to production,┬áthere are several things that you should take into consideration. Far too often optimization is an after-thought that gets built in eventually. Here a few simple tips that can be built in without too much work and can really increase…

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