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Getting RabbitMQ 2.7.x to work with Flower

Took a little bit of reading on Stack Overflow and other places to figure out exactly how to get Flower working with RabbitMQ 2.7. For those of you who have shared my frustration, previously, I kept getting the message:

This was particularly annoying because I already stumbled across a SO post that told me how to enable the plugin on Ubuntu 12.04. The binary is located in /usr/lib/rabbitmq/lib/… See the command to enable it below.

After doing that and restarting the server… I still got the same error. Until I realized that the Rabbit Management Plugin runs on a different port (55672) instead of 15672 that apparently newer versions of the plugin use. Which means you have to tell Flower what port the API is running on. Here’s how that’s done.

You’ll want to replace project with the name of your actual project and obviously, user and password. The important part there is the 55672. Whatever user you’re using to access the API, you’ll need to set the administrator tag on them like so…

That will ensure that you don’t get a 401 Unauthorized when Flower tries to talk to the API. Hope this helps. Thanks to Marc Qualie in his article here for that last bit.

jaywhy13 • November 3, 2015

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