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Letter of Resignation

This outfit, too closely resembles that of a retired, veteran of love… I’ve come to admit, it’s not mine to wear

Seems I’ve rested too ambitiously on this journey of growth; delegating all responsibility and resting even blame within your care

I’ve treated growth like a trophy resting on my shelf; just another one of those dust-filled accomplishments that I hold dear

I’ve become what my goals have decayed to… the very ambition of my greatest nightmare

It’s unfortunate how our own planks impair us visually, yet we embrace an elusive utopia of perspective

Cautioned by Luke, the most sighted understand that no lens lends us any useful clarity lest it is introspective

Yet… Oh how we, passionate, emotional telescopes identify constellations and discover galaxies far beyond the retrospective

Deluded, in our preparation for the dangerous terrain ahead, we think our hyperopia makes us effective

Tis distressing how we claim and bask in the exemptions, retirement perks and honours we decide to self-confer

Fools we are, equipped with a profound misunderstanding of the fatality of inactivity and the regression we incur

We curse the weed from seeds not sewn in a garden untended… while solid reason waits for ours to concur

We are hopeless without the humility that keeps us fit, and lifeless without a divine example to which we daily refer

I therefore tender my resignation, only God holds the telescope that accurately sees with any mentionable relevance… far beyond just me

I’ve called my army of words and reserve of actions to retreat from a battle of dictating and deciding what I cannot clearly see

I desire only to be guided as I journey on, with growth in sight, love and humility my focal point… tis my plea

From my presumptuous, myopic views and rested, inactive spirit; I hereby pledge to be a retiree

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jaywhy13 • March 29, 2012

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