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E for Effort

There are certain concepts I think by their very nature are conceptually paradoxical, well at least slightly. For some of these such concepts I believe there is a deeper meaning perhaps that we need to consider. For instance… What is a talent? I’m sure we can all agree that it’s an ability we have, given from God. However, God is truly glorified and uplifted when nothing of us shows and the spotlight is completely on Him. Seems obvious that the lesson is, if voicing out is your talent, then submit that voice to him… avail yourself and He will use that talent to bring glory to His name. The question I believe is… Who is to say that being the great singer that you are, your voice has anything to do with the greatest service you can give?

I think God prefers our appreciation of humility rather than the continued misuse of and misunderstanding of the purpose of our talents and abilities. Too often with the tasks we are given, our delegation to God misrepresents our understanding of even why we are given tasks by God to perform. “God gives humans impossible tasks to perform so that we will keep coming back to Him for help”. Often times I guess we comfort ourselves in our thinking… “oh yes, I handled that well… I’m ready for something bigger now”… But really we miss the point. It’s only natural for some… (admittedly, it was for me) for us to take the driver’s seat when the task feels manageable and we turn to God when we start feeling overwhelmed. We fail to understand that God wants keen, obedient passengers rather than skilled drivers. God displeasures in our independence but commends our dependence.

The realm of our abilities is a one place where we love to bask, it’s the one place we’re audacious enough to invite God in and tell Him to sit, have a drink and put up His feet. What do you want to drink? (I have one of those movie scenes in my head, where some humble dude comes to the palace of a kind fellow… Where God here is the humble dude). Our righteousness is as filthy rags, there is no one righteous… Our talents mean nothing, zilch, nada! At our best we can only get E for effort, and that’s just cause “F for effort” is not as catchy… We’d fail though. Nothing hinders our growth more than our perception of our own height… this perception that we have… If it’s not thoroughly medicated with humility will develop into a certain form of cataract!!!

I guess somewhere along the line we’ll see an imminent accident, cover our eyes, scream like a girl, take our hands off the wheel in a frenzy, not hear “boom”, then muster the courage to open our eyes to realize we never had the wheel. A for attention, don’t get it twisted… God is in control, especially when you use your talents. Learn that it is Him, and it always has been Him. Like the man walking around all bearded up doesn’t mean the barber doesn’t exist… Your failure to acknowledge the giver only makes you look prehistoric. Get with it… Don’t wait until God moves you out of your comfort zone to learn that whether you’re using your talent or you’re in an area where you believe you’re incapable… It’s Him!!!! It always has and always will be. God will be glorified even when you take the praise and think it’s you. Your grade however… that’s a whole different story.

Submit it all to Him today. Nothing we are or can do will ever be enough. Stay in Him. Our talents for His glory. This year, set aside some time to allow God to move you out of your comfort zone so He can properly introduce Himself to you and give you the ability to excel with that A!

Marvin Sapp puts it beautifully…

jaywhy13 • January 9, 2011

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