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The Hopeless Romantic

What to do when deep loving hurts and “not loving” makes the heart grow fonder?
What to do when circumstance punishes with distance but hearts connect as two reminisce and minds wonder
What to do when a touch is desired, a kiss is needed… bodies call but even a suggestive stare is a serious blunder
What to when what the heart feels, and the mind sees, human eyes don’t see possible and circumstance places asunder

What to do when you’ve caused terrible hurt in times past…. the love is still strong BUT the scars still show?
How to live on… love on with evidence of scars you created, reminders of pain you inflicted… damaged you
What to do when these scars open up and bleed again… involuntarily… bleeding emotional and psychological tears… tears all too familiar.. tears you know
What to do when these scars bring back undesirable memories that resurrects your guilt, fertilizing it passionately…. stimulating it to grow

What to do when mental maturity and discipline is NEVER enough to leave the past where it belongs… and to not think of it as bound to happen again?
what to do when the one you scarred is so willing and waiting BUT the repetition which the pasts predicts convinces you and drives you insane?
What to do when your mind is clouded with questions that attack and question your readiness… your sincerity… your motives… your feelings… your ability to start and to maintain
What to do when these questions suddenly seem much harder… you’re supposed to know the answers, especially considering the fact that the questions are so plain

What to do when you’re forgiven, UNpunished and offered another chance at the one thing that since the last time… you’ve been waiting and dreaming
How do you satisfactorily accept your second time around without being moved by the past and scared by the wounds that even today still seek complete healing
What to do when the love is strong, but circumstance presents major challenges… challenges that push you to think that even though you haven’t started over… you’ve reached the ending
However…. the biggest question yet… how? with ALL these questions do you ensure that the love you’ve been given doesn’t seem unrequited, unmatched… hopeless… empty… without promise… and without meaning?

jaywhy13 • December 22, 2010

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