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Passion Synonimized

Words exhibit traits of polymorphism so often… unfortunately, so too do our own interpretations

Ask of love… ask of affection; a fora of incoherence responds with different opinions

Emotion, character and life itself inspires our perspective and cements our positions

The absence of commonality emerges… disparity dominates as we lend ears to the different assertions

Melancholy sets in as I discover that this undesired disparity exists even in an audience of just you and I

Apparently… we enjoy no exemptions… typicality; a fitting caption… since the differences all apply

Such differences show no subtlety, they exist with a boldness and maintain a presence I dare not attempt to deny

Difference resides where it’s most unwelcome… chipping away at the foundation upon which we must rely

Much like the crowd… I blend in as I purport that your definition… your interpretation of passion is foreign to me

As our actions contextualize the definitions… confirmation slowly materializes and implications surface rapidly

Congruence is not achieved! A critical relational variable… that of passion… remains undefined… until we both agree

Relationally… our equation is unbalanced and stands in dire need of a solution that defines “us” and reveals what is to be

Passion’s raw emotion, tis expression relieved of format and syntax; tis a wild animal that must be contained

It’s potential promises intense amorous gratuity, unreserved sensual satiety …. threatening morals if unduly entertained

Though often clothed in diplomacy to shield the public from it’s nakedness, this cover is never really maintained

“Passive passion”‘s a literal oxymoron… a practical paragon of contradiction… a concept logically unattained

For you… I perceive, passion’s a peculiar language that one must learn; a discipline detailed only in the knowledge of you

Clothed in this difference of tongue, passion assumes an acquired format of expression; an unusual purview

The eye must be so trained in the language of you… discerning passion; tis now a skill… a reward for the diligent few

Yet… passion spoken in this foreign tongue… demands the same expectation and response the native tongue is privy to

Passion’s defined passion since it’s unrefined, unprocessed, unrestrained and uncompromised

Is it possible that passion has evolved and changed beyond that which my mind’s eyes have surmised?

No fool am I; passion’s a simple intricacy that’s never escaped me … passion’s easily recognized

A fool I am or a literary you are… I’ve faith in the airy or passion’s been synonimized

jaywhy13 • December 22, 2010

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