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Not the word

Beautiful is not the word to encompass her captivating personality

Unique was not a satisfactorily sufficient word to define her infinite talent and endless abilities

Intriguing was not the word, nor was it the answer to my unsolved perpetual interest in her

Disarming was not the word to describe the effect of her sincerest smile and shy eyes on me inside

That night I saw her standing sideways, in a short skirt, sexy, desirable and dreamy were not the words for her shape and figure

Soft was not word enough to describe the sensation I felt placing my fingers anywhere, each time on her body

Aching was not the word to relay the tingling feeling my fingers had staying away

Yearning, greedy even were not the words to detail the insistent feeling pushing my lips closer, closer to her luscious pair

For the moment that our lips met, tender was not the word to describe the texture that I felt

Longing was not the word, twas too soft an emotion to explain how I felt each time I gazed at her face, her eyes and her lips from a distance

In the realms of my heart and the depths of my soul, I’ll secretly search to find the word, the words to describe her

One day… I will find the word

jaywhy13 • December 22, 2010

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