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Humility is…
“A point we reach when we exhibit a deep appreciation of everything we are and are able to do and acknowledge that God must be credited for it”

A quick thought on some different important marks of humility…

Acknowledgement – we learn to dispel the knee jerk reaction that innately prevents us from openly acknowledging our faults… We have to learn to understand that we are not perfect.. and I say learn to understand that coz sometimes our behaviour only shows a factual appreciation of this… as in, we accept it as fact.. that we aren’t perfect.. however, it doesn’t impact us and the way we behave.. if we truly understood that we aren’t perfect.. our scope of consideration of what could be and would be our faults would widen, and our willingness to label our faults will grow.

1 Cor 10:12 “So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!”

I know we generally use that text when talking about temptation.. but remembering the thought “sometimes our greatest hindrance to growth is the perception of height”… we can see how it’s applicable here… if we never acknowledge, the scripture cautions us to be so careful, not as to fall. We think nothing is wrong with us, and we fail to see how fallible and imperfect we are.



Remorse – I think this is one important sign of humility… that must follow acknowledge.. we have to truly be sorry. Especially in those cases where we hurt someone… remorse is needed… coz even when no one is involved, our faults and shortcomings often hurt and displease God. So especially when we acknowledge our faults, we have to be truly and genuinely sorry…
Ps 51: 17 My sacrifice, O God, is[b] a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.
David, there says that the sacrifice he will bring to God is a broken and contrite heart, and God will not despise that. Let that be our sacrifice as we strive to show remorse and truly be broken as God fills us and mends us.

Demonstration – we demonstrate by our very actions that we understand this whole concept of humility. It’s never enough to claim that we understand a certain concept if it doesn’t impact anything that we do or say. We can’t say we understand or appreciate the need to be humble and Christ like if it never manifests itself in our actions. That’s a tardy, lethargic level of appreciation that does us no good. Hence, why I say we exhibit a deep appreciation…
Deep because it impacts us, it’s not a surface level impact… it touches our actions, our approaches, our thoughts, our rationalizations, even challenges our responses in the most bizarre situations that begs typically for a different kind of response.

Deep appreciation coz it shows … imagine a malnourished child’s face when he is given food… a man on death row that is granted a stay of execution or another chance @ life… tis a deep appreciation… not to be confused with a surface level acceptance of the concept, but rather a rooted, stemming conviction that inspires our every cause…
And exhibit because it shows, our actions say it, our words voice it… no part of us, truly is left without impact. Humility exhibited. Our loved ones feel it, our friends feel it, our associates are left to suspect it, even strangers will confirm it. Also, those most undeserving will have trouble categorically denying it.
Christ touched so many with His life of humility.. he lived an exemplary and “exhibitory” lifestyle of selfless humility. We have a mammoth of a task in our friendships/relationships to follow closely in His footsteps… and a colossal task extending this humility to a world around us.


If you have time… have a read of Ps 51… it speaks of a contrite heart…

jaywhy13 • December 22, 2010

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