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Building a text completion service with ElasticSearch

ElasticSearch provides a few suggestion endpoints for achieving completion. There is a keyword, phrase and completion suggestion service. In this article, I will cover the function of the Completion Suggester. I’m test driving this service in order to determine if this service meets the following requirements I have: Type-ahead completion – I want users to…

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Setting up MacBook for Python Development

It takes quite a bit to get my machine from zero to the point it needs to be to be ready for development. I typically have quite a few bits and pieces I like to have to make dev a cozy and inviting environment. This is the list so far: Terminal – to get a…

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Getting your Sphinx docs into Dash Docs

So the weirdest thing happened today, I just got motivation to write more docs. I usually do a split screen with Sublime Text and Dash, and it has helped me stay in the zone much more often. I do the majority of my searches in Dash instead of switching tabs and bringing up the browser….

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3 facts about the Mark of the Beast

There’s quite a bit of talk about the Mark of the Beast currently. Especially with all this talk about  a National ID System for Jamaica. Is this the great Mark of the Beast that has been rumoured? Is this how the Mark of the Beast will manifest itself? Well, I believe scripture, as the author…

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Working with axes and subplots in Matplotlib

So, I decided to start to writing down some notes as I go along in my journey to get to Deep Learning. There’s quite a bit to learn I realize if you want to speak the language of the experienced. You’ll realize that Matplotlib is used heavily for showing graphs and so on. I’ve seen…

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Which chart library is best for Django?

I have a project that I’m working on and I want to integrate a chart library to add some color to the data I’m presenting. It’s a budget based app. In the app I’m using charts to show expenses vs income, how much you’ve spent on different categories and various budget visualizations. I had a…

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Work faster from the command line with Docker and Django

If you’re anything like me, speed is important to you. If speed is important then you need to keep your keystrokes to a minimum. We define functions anytime we realize there’s a bit of code that’s potentially reusable. Well… we should do the same working from the command line. While working with Docker and Django,…

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Django’s templating engine is simpler than you think

I’ve always wondered how Django’s template engine worked. How does it go about parsing and making sense of all the markup we write in our templates? I figured it had to involve a Parser and a Lexer because I paid attention in Compiler class back in school. I also saw a post on SO that…

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A simple way to setup Laravel with Docker

Laravel, from what I’ve read is a great framework for PHP. I’ve heard it’s fast, small and many other things. I decided to give it a try on my foray back into the PHP world. On visiting the Laravel website and scrolling to the Installation I realize they’ve got a nice virtual machine available for…

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Cleaning up after your Docker

So Docker tends to leave alot of things around and you can end up with insufficient space. Here are two commands you can run to keep your Docker environment clean.

The first command removes any dangling volumes. The second command removes any images that are of no use to you.  

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